Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council

If you have a dead/dying tree which threatens Edison power lines, you can call Edison at 800-640-3652.  Edison will assist you in removal at no charge.

Thanks to CAL FIRE's California Climate Investments grant program, MRFSC is once again able to offer assistance in hazardous dead tree removal. This grant program is designed to help subsidize the cost to the property owner. The contribution towards the expense will range between 10% and 100% depending on the gross household income. This is not just for low income families....

What is eligible?

1. A tree that is dead and/or dying (at least 67% dead) - don't worry our inspectors will verify the mortality for you.

2. The tree must be at least 10 inches in diameter and at least 20 feet in height [if the tree does not meet these size requirements, please contact MRFSC via the Contact Us page; there may be other programs which can help].

3. The tree has a "target", something it could damage if it fell, i.e. a house, structure, ANY direction, regardless of how it may be leaning.

What is NOT covered?

1. A tree that threatens Edison power lines - this may be eligible under Edison's Hazardous Tree Removal program.  Property owner must call Edison first, at
800-640-3652 and have Edison inspect the tree for eligibility under its program.

2. Trees with dead branches only; the Hazardous Tree Grant does not cover trimming or pruning.MRFSC may have other grants to assist with this issue, please use the Contact Us page to inquire.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
An application is required. Information about the tree and household income is required. All information is confidential. MRFSC volunteers and MRFSC pre-qualified tree contractors inspect the tree in question and a decision is made as to final eligibility.  MRFSC will contribute 10 - 100% of the cost of removing the hazard, based upon household income, up to certain maximums. The formula for calculation is very broad in scope so most households on the mountain will qualify for some assistance.


Please fill out the form to the left to begin the process. Thank you for helping create defensible space in our mountains and making our neighborhoods and communities more FIRE SAFE!

Due to the scope and complexity of the work requested, MRFSC may not be able to commit to certain projects or expenses, and there are maximum subsidies per tree and per property.

If you need help completing the form, please contact us at 866-923-3473, or via email via the Contact Us page.

Final determinations,  and exceptions to any criteria, are at the discretion of the MRFSC board of directors.



Please use the form below to request assistance with a hazardous dead tree.