Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council

MRFSC will be applying for more grant funds for Hazardous Tree Removal - please check back here or visit our Facebook page for more details.You can also ask to be put on our notification list to receive current info about funding as soon as it is available via the Contact Us page

MRFSC's grant from CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund has reached its capacity.

As of 02-01-2018 all funds have been committed, so we cannot accept more trees for consideration at this time.

With the funds received from the SRA Fire Prevention Fee grant, MRFSC was able to accomplish the following:
168 trees were removed from 89 properties.  30 property owners have been referred to Edison for removal under Edison’s program. MRFSC referred four properties exceeding five acres in size to NRCS EQUIP and California Conservation Corps for consideration under those programs. 43 inquiries received were regarding issues not related to hazardous trees, but requests for information about the bark beetle and other programs – but came in through the hazardous tree program promotions.  The total cost was $115,125.00; with property owners and MRFSC contributing $22,532.49 towards the contractors’ invoices – there remained $92,592.51 paid by the grant. The average grant cost per tree was $551 (using just grant contractor costs) or $588 when including all grant expenses.  This works out to an average property owner benefit of $1040 per property (contractor costs only), or $1,110 (all grant expenses).  On a per acre basis, the figures are $2,535 per acre (contractor costs only) and $2,704 (all grant expenses).

MRFSC tracked acres treated and board feet of the standing tree prior to removal. Under this grant, a total 36.53 acres were treated and 157,467 board feet removed.

MRFSC looks forward to helping its communities remove additional hazardous dead/dying trees and making our mountain more fire safe in the future!


If you have a dead/dying tree which threatens Edison power lines, you can call Edison at 800-640-3652. If your tree is dying from bark beetles you can call CAL FIRE Pilot Rock at 909-338-2812. Each group may be able to assist you in removal pending inspection.