Our organization was formed in 1998 following the 1997 Mill Fire which started on Forest Service land by recreational shooters.. Citizens rallied against the dangers thought to arise from a shooting range below our community. The Front Country Alliance was created as a means to address these threats. It became clear that as residents of the WUI (Wildland urban interface), we needed to take more responsibility for OUR properties and what we could do to make them more fire safe. In 1999, mentored by California Department of Forestry (CDF - now CAL FIRE) Battalion Chief Steve Faris, the mountain came together to form the Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council. Our Council joined Chief Faris in spreading the word and ultimately help create more than 14 councils throughout the Inland Empire.

    In 2000, we attained official 501(c)3 status. In the past 19 years, MRFSC has received almost $2,000,000 in grants, which have been used used for fuels reduction  and fire prevention education in the Rim Communities from Crestline to Green Valley Lake (110 square miles). We have funded innumerable Community Chipper Days (even before the County started its program), Adopt-A-Hydrant and Smoke alarm and brush removal  assistance programs. In 2002, 2004 and 2007 we contributed to the publication of the informative "Living with Wildfire in the Inland Empire" multi-page newspaper inserts, distributed across the mountain and throughout the Inland Empire in conjunction with The Sun newspaper. MRFSC actively led in the organization of the Inland Empire Fire Safe Alliance (IEFSA), a coalition of 14 fire safe councils which meets bi-monthly with agency partners to discuss successes, challenges and activity updates.

   In 2015, MRFSC was awarded $165,000 in grants from CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund Grant Program. These grants were for Mountain Top Chipper Days, Crest Forest Fire Safe Demonstration Sites, Abatement Assistance & Advocacy, MRFSC Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and a Web-based Map Interface.

In 2016, MRFSC was again been fortunate to receive funding through CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund Grant Program. This grant was for $98,766 and is being used to assist property owners in removing dead and/or dying hazardous trees. This grant terms out on March 1, 2018. Go to Hazardous Tree Removal  for more info.

In 2017, MRFSC was pleased to announce it has been awarded new CAL FIRE SRA funding for Community Chipper Days ($60,797) and for its Web-Based Map Interface for CWPPs ($107,967).  MRFSC was also been awarded $79,500 for Web-based Map Interface CWPPs from the California Fire Safe Council. This brought our total grant awards for the past four years alone to $512,030.00

August 2018 - Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council is happy to announce that its three grant applications have been selected for funding under the CAL FIRE / California Climate Investment Fire Prevention Program. The three-year grants include Hazardous Tree Removal - $287,137, Curbside Chipping - $189,945, and Living with Wildfire - $89,037

Fall 2018 - Thanks to an $86,000 USDA Forest Service grant through the CA Fire Safe Council, MRFSC will be able to help with Community Fuel Reduction for many issues not covered under Hazardous Trees and/or Chipping . Reach out via our Contact Us page for more info

Announced April 24, 2019 - MRFSC was awarded $91,277 for a Smokey Bear Prevention Education grant, under the CAL FIRE California Community Wildfire Prevention Grant.  These funds will be used for education materials, handouts, special events and SMOKEY BEAR!  Stay tuned for more info!

The National Forest Foundation awarded MRFSC an Edison grant in the amount of $6,784 to hold s series of Wildfire Prevention & Preparedness Community meetings - check out the Calendar page for more info.

August 2019 brought news that MRFSC had been awarded $23,500 from So. Cal. Edison funding through the CA Safe Council for education and outreach

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The question is why have a Fire Safe council? Answer: members of our neighborhood need to know what to do to make and keep us safe from wildfire. Why? Anything that our neighbors do (or don’t do) can have a direct effect on us…GOOD or BAD.

 The Fire Safe Council is here to help educate our neighbors to protect the whole community, HOUSE BY HOUSE. We must work as neighborhood groups, get the word out and get the work done. Let’s work smart and help each other for the safety of us all!
Fire Safe Councils are about more than “fire”, we are about public safety. We collaborate with other organizations in our endeavors: COP’s, CERT, Neighborhood Watch, Veterans, Red Cross, and all the government agencies. Our primary role is education and communication – where ever there are meetings we can be there to share valuable information in advance of the disaster. Wildfire preparation is a critical component of living in the mountains (Wildland Urban Interface) areas. We choose to reside away from the "city", but that brings different and very real challenges for being prepared.

 Our mission is to provide citizens updates and information from our local, state and federal agencies regarding fire prevention and protection efforts and conditions; Learning what is being done by our agency  partners to make our lives safer and acknowledging our role in those efforts. We CAN make a difference in how our neighborhood survives a wildfire.

The Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council's goal is to help our neighborhoods be prepared for the next wildfire. We strive to distribute current information of ways to be better prepared, new and innovative fire prevention and protection measures and active incident updates.

Our 2019 Board members are:
Laura Dyberg - President /CEO
Dan Begley - Vice President
Mike Scullin - Vice President
Terisa Bonito - Treasurer
Robert Tiberi - Secretary
Marlene Kiemel - Director
Don Fischer - Director
Jim Taylor - Director

Sher Fairbanks - Crestline Area Rep
Pat Huckaby - Green Valley Lake Rep
Carolyn Rimmer - Running Springs/Arrowbear Rep

To be added to our update, fire safety and wildfire alert notification list, email us via the Contact Us Page.

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