Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council

California is experiencing its driest year ever - fire season is year round! The fires raging in the Southland are harsh reminders that we live in a beautiful but hazardous area.

Long before fire threatens, plan your evacuation. When evacuation seems likely, put your plan into action.


 Make a list of items you want to take with you during an evacuation.

 Here’s an example, but prepare your own list.

Have a flashlight and portable battery operated radio on hand at all times
prescriptions, medications
important documents (birth certificates, passports, insurance papers & inventory, personal financial records, phone & address books, tax  records, computer back up discs, children’s school records, inoculation & vaccination records, photos, art)
pet, pet food, leash, carrier
child’s favorite toy

• Keep your “Important Stuff” list handy; on the fridge, for example

• Keep sturdy boxes ready for collecting things on your list.

• Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit (see below).

• Have a corded phone in the house. Cordless home phones do not work when the power is out.

• Copy all important documents and store with a friend or family out of the area.

• Keep a regular address book in addition to what may be stored in your computer or cell phone as this equipment may not work if power is out or towers are down.

During fire season, always have at least half a tank of gas in your car. Gas stations may not operate if power goes out. And you may not be able to evacuate by the shortest route out of your area.



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